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Friday, August 25, 2006

Our Growing Boy....

B*W DJ strikes again....
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So its been almost a month since we wrote anything. Life has been hectic. August is always crazy because my grandmother and I both have birthdays in August. So here are the quick highlights. Tahoe was fun. Me and DJ had a beer together and spent a lot more time together than we do on a daily basis. I had a blast... I think I almost cried when it was time to go back to work. Gosh I love that kid. I checked the percentile charts and my son is all head and length. He is 90th something percentile for his head size and for his length. This leads to him being in the 50% percentile in weight so he looks like a big kid but he isn't very big. The crazy part about this is that he was born in the 5% percentile of everything. Most people aren't numbers people but I like reading this stuff...

Last but not least. He can roll over. He also has a standing/rotating command center in the middle of the family room. He loves to just stand up and rotate around and play with all his Baby Einstein toys.

More later good people... Happy Friday


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