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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Belated Superman Returns Review!!

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Life has been hectic..... Summer Movies have been alright at best...
The CURSE of Mission Impossible 3 is real. The first week of summer was kicked off my JJ Abrams Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise totally ruined my enthusiasm for this movie so I didn't go see it. I told myself I would wait for DVD. Not seeing this movie has led to me seeing every crap movie that came out this summer.
I saw The Omen
I saw The Da Vinci Code
I was disappointed with X3 The Last Stand
and then there was Superman!!!!
I liked Superman a lot... It could have been amazing....
It could have been a CLASSIC...
What we got was well ... A good movie that was borderline GREAT!!!

I really rooted for Brian Singer in this movie. It had everything it needed to be a CLASSIC film. The problem is the movie trips itself up a couple of times and like Roger Ebert said it takes no joy in being a Superman film. I can honestly say that NEVER EVER will that Superman saving the plane moment be topped for me in a movie. It was PERFECT. I liked Lois' son. I liked the fact that someone let James Marsden act. Brandon Routh is my HERO for pulling off this role because it could have been a greek tragedy trying to follow up Christopher Reeves.


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