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Monday, June 27, 2005


Originally uploaded by TheFeeder.

Do the Oakland A's rock... or do the Giant's suck that bad...? The question BEGS to be asked....Wednesday night I flew in to Sacramento and my wife and I proceeded to drive to Fremont then to SF to watch the Giants beat up on the AZ diamond backs.... pictures coming this weekend... we had 3rd row seats. But to find out this morning that the A's pummeled the Giants after that victorious moment.... WOW... WOW... (I think the A's are better but Giant's are just dealin' with a SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS... (sniff)

GO A's ... Go RIVERCATS??!

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Batman Begins "Wow"

Originally uploaded by nwistheone.

Disclaimer: I am a life long 20+ year comic book fan. I root for movies like this, but I do groan. I groaned at Batman & Robin... I groaned at Super man 3 or 4 can't remember. After Xmen and Spiderman got it right I was intrigued by Batman. A little history. I saw American Psycho in the theater with my girlfriend as one of our first 5 or 10 movies together (twisted I know). We knew nothing about the movie.....It was a trip to see Christian Bale act. I was waiting for the day he would make super stardom... That day never really came... then BATMAN... he has arrived.... Everytime he was Bruce Wayne I could see Bale with his chainsaw in A.Psycho... but I loved Batman Begins... It was a GREAT MOVIE... One of those movies you could watch over and over again on TNT or DVD...or even in the theatre... Good Pacing.... Good Acting... Good Action... GREAT movie.... It will be remembered for its ability to tell the story of Bruce Wayne and the evolution of the Bat... GO SEE IT

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Starbucks is Good For....

my new bodum, originally uploaded by T r a c y.

Yesterday I brought up this topic about what is Starbucks good for.... I was pondering this question yesterday as my time on travel comes to an end. I have my cheap grinder. I have my freshly roasted I roasted MYSELF before I left. Lot's of coffee shops in Nawlin's ... none of them up to snuff.... I got sick of the hotel coffee machine yesterday. So this morning as I was making my way to Cafe Du Monde..... I see a Starbucks... OPEN early.... LOCATED everywhere... LIGHTBULB goes off.... BUY a FRENCH PRESS... .and whalla for 30 bucks I bought a frenchpress and I was on my way OUT THE STORE.... Starbucks served me well in that capacity at 8 am on a Sunday. So it begs to question what else is Starbucks good for?

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"Big SHOT Rob"

horry, originally uploaded by handbags.

Last night in the delerium of a 13 hour day at work I got to watch the fourth quarter of the NBA finals at WORK by the way.... so at 11:30pm Central time I saw Robert Horry score 18 points in a quarter single handedly WINNING the game for the San Antonio Spurs... It was AWESOME.... He was like the French Press I had this morning REFRESHING

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coffee Dogs Unite

The Three Amigos, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

The Three Amigos live in Vegas... Two have coffee names and the one in the middle rules the roost as the elder statesman.... Napoleon is my wife's pug. She had to give it to her mother because she had become so attached to the dog while it was living in her house while we lived in an apartment. The other two dogs KONA on the left and MOCHA on the right belong to my sisterinlaw.... Such a cool crew of dogs except Kona and Napoleon don't get along much ... Hence the SPACE between the two of them.... Napoleon appears to be hitting on Kona's gir...hahaha (wife sent me the pic in New Orleans and I had to blog it)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Coffee on the Road Is....

Coffee Maker, originally uploaded by blackcoil.

An ode to my traveling schedule for work... I have been off and on in New Orleans for the past 5 months. New Orleans where coffee is somewhere between awful and don't ask. I roast about a lb or so to bring with me in order to make it a bearable trip. I brought a whirly grinder for the hotel coffee machine. The machinen is a Hamilton Beach Aroma Elite (super budget coffee maker). I have no filters I use tissue paper. MISTAKE #1. Every trip I have one pot of coffee that becomes a soupy mess in the filter basket. Today was that day on this trip. I jinxed myself before I made the pot. It sucked. The coffee wasn't bad though it is just the clean up ... Sorry cleanin' ladies everywhere. The coffee tasted like a good french press instead of coffeemachine coffee.... I do miss my espresso machine but I am survivin' ... this pic is not mine but it represents what happened in the bathroom of my hotel room.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee, originally uploaded by tonx.

I must give major props to flickr for letting me blog other people's pix... I am not home so when thoughts occur to me I just search for things relevant to what I am thinkin'.... My buddy Alvin was commenting on a Yirgacheffe the other day on his blog "Thick & Stout"... It got me thinking deeply about the flavor I am getting from the coffee I brought down here with me to New Orleans. The Yirg is real medium to light bodied coffee in my estimation. It is a good coffee to introduce people to coffee that don't necessarily like coffee.... Alivn used tea as a way of describing it. The more I think about it the more I agree. It has the caffeine... It has the body of a coffee, but not the bitters or the intensity of say a Sumatra.... I am going to go look on Sweet Maria's to see what there comments on it are.... For some reason figuring this out has intrigued me... PS Arlene was a bust all it brought me was good weather in a time where the weather should be hellish at 10 at night as well as 8 in the morning.... Cheers

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Tropical Storm Arlene III, 9 June

Tropical Storm Arlene III, 9 June, originally uploaded by Simon T.

Here is someone's pic of the Tropical Storm yesterday in the Caman Islands a ways away.... It just started rainin' pretty hard in Mississippi this afternoon.... Should hit the Gulf Port area Saturday morning

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Giants Suck... A's Suck.... Traveling Sucks

2405HDTV2, originally uploaded by Mckirkus.

I am in New Orleans Again.... Tropical Storm Whatever is on the horizon here...pretty trippy.... but what really sucks is I felt the pain of travel yesterday...... HDTV got installed at my house... My wife was home and she watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.... mediocre movie...but she was blown away by the starry sky of the night shots in that movie....Of course I am not at home so NO HDTV for me.... not 1 day... not 3 days ... not five days..... I won't see it for 10 more days SUX.... Hay is it just me or does Bay Area sports SUCK all around this year wow.... the plague has spread to BASEBALL.... (the pic is not mine but it combined HD and the GIANTS)