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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Man Got Me Down

awesome pic, originally uploaded by docfalken.

Stuck in the Swamp.... Sure I could go see Star Wars in the South... No I can't this is the final time I go to the theatre to go see a "NEW" Star Wars flick this is like a right of passage for me... It will be special and I won't let work ruin that for me.... I won't be the first in the theatre, but I will have my own personal experience.... this pic is priceless...ain't it..

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mississippi Burnin'

DSC02034, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

I know the picture is of Canal Street in New Orleans not Mississippi...my days are spent in Stennis Mississippi but my nights are spent in New Orleans near Bourbon street...(Bourbon Street is to the left of the Alexa Hotel)

personal note: Boy do I miss California

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

MY Espresso Rig

IMG_2288, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

It has been a trippy week. I am continuing to pack. I have been asked by a couple of my friends to post a pic of my espresso RIG because I talk so much about coffee these days... So this is for Jesus in SPain and a couple of others who asked.... People think that I am this evil Espresso Genius.....GEEK for short...mwuahahahahaha (waay too much caffeine)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Morning Shot of the Day

dripdrop, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

I am so drained.... Call it jetlag... Call it mental overload.... Call it Fatigue... There is no way around it I am beat.... I have the closing of escrow to deal with ... I am in town 5 more days and then I am gone potentially to the end of the month.... I have to pack up my whole apartment in those 5 days... I have to work at least 2 more of those days....etc etc. etc. I just want to curl up with some nice soothing tea and take a nap....

This shot of Organic Panic wasn't from this morning but I had some this morning as an Americano and as a Mokapot. I am still dragging today....
I am off to lunch with a couple friends I have not seen in a couple months...LATER

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Americano's The Beautiful

sweetyirg, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

My evolution of espresso started with a Krups Coffee Machine w/ Espresso. The type of espresso where when you drink it.... well it tastes like a crappy cup of coffee sorry for the candid comments. I then transitioned to having real shots at coffee shops, the kind you won't name ($B, etc.). One of these days I will relate the story of Pete's and how I started to love coffee. Anyway Pete's made me appreciate good coffee. CoffeeGeek made me appreciate good espresso, latte's, cappa's, and the Americano. The Americano is a regular cup filled with heated water. Then let a 2oz. shot pour into the water. It is like poetry in motion and it tastes like a strong cup of espresso in a larger format. This pour was after tonx told me how he made his Americano look so yummy and thick looking. Great stuff

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Sunday, May 01, 2005


domndiwilliams1, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

Our special day has come and gone.
Dom n Di became officially Mr. & Mrs. Williams @ 4pm April 25th, 2005.