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Sunday, April 17, 2005

tricked out Synesso Cyncra

tricked out Synesso Cyncra, originally uploaded by tonx.

SCAA was this weekend in Seattle and what did I do... WORK... All the beautiful machines (I wanted to see the new LaMarzocco and the above Synesso)... All the talented barista... Good company... Good friends... oh well it looked like it was fun... On top of that there was the World Barista Competition... Great job Phuong way to REPRESENT... Much luv to Sammy and Canada for makin' it to the World Finals
(pic is courtesy of tonx)

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Pure Genius part 1

puregenius1, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

So we were having this disussion on www.coffeegeek.com regarding latte art and the sensory appeal of it all. The standard shapes hearts,rosettas,etc. My stance is that the visual appeal of latte art is temporary because it is a drink that you are ultimately going to consume. I like etching as much as I like latte art. The point is this pic was a screwed up heart that I decided to swirl into shapes...because screwed up latte art isn't as appealing to drink as a perfectly formed heart. I was pretty proud of myself for what I created from from my screw up... so I dub this PURE GENIUS

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Welcome to the HALL of ESPRESSO

homesweethome, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

This is the house my fiance and I just made an offer on. We move in 30 days. We are so pumped to be getting married and moving into a new house. I dub thee the new "Hall of Espresso" in the beautiful city of El Dorado Hills, California. WHERE??!! El Dorado Hills is 90 minutes from Tahoe off of Highway 50 in Northern California. A place for us to call home. A place where the espresso will flow freely and hearts are the art of choice. You are all welcome to visit on your way to Tahoe....(more info later)